Thursday, October 6, 2011

CTI Supports Development of Safety & Security Information Management

CTI Associates was recently selected to assist the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in developing a new Rail Safety & Security Information Management System (RSSIMS). As subconsultant to Eclipse Solutions, a leading provider of IT consulting services, CTI will provide subject matter expertise in railroad and rail transit safety and security, in order to support development of this high-technology software solution. The goal of RSSIMS is to develop an integrated database to manage and utilize California’s rail safety and security data, thus streamlining CPUC’s operations while conforming to their current business practices.

The CPUC has oversight responsibilities for railroad freight and passenger systems and for rail transit systems operating on 7,100-plus miles of track in California. The CPUC also has jurisdiction over the safety of roughly 13,000 public and private rail crossings used by vehicles and pedestrians.

CTI Associates is a leader in providing project and program management services to the municipal and public transportation sector, with specific expertise in railroad and rail transit design, construction, safety, security and all-hazards management. CTI is a preferred partner to the IT industry in helping provide technology solutions for public agencies. For more information, visit

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