Thursday, February 11, 2010

Transit and Visualization

Take a look at this video chronicling a hypothetical traveler's "day out" to the ball park. Only he lives in Chicago, and the game is in Detroit! It certainly messes with the concepts of time, space and travel we have come to accept in this corner of western society.

Visualization tools such as the ones used to produce this video are already having a transformational effect on our lives, by giving us a realistic glimpse of how substantial investments into public infrastructure can positively shape our lives. Even a few years ago the software needed to develop such visualizations was costly and time consuming to learn and operate. Now programs such as Sketchup bring these tools to a much wider pool of users and thus their potential audiences. And they're free!

How has the new batch of visualization tools already affected delivery of significant projects you are involved in or familiar with? Do you see any downside to use or interpretation of these tools? What in your opinion does the future hold for tools that are easier to use and disseminate to stakeholders and the public at large?


  1. Great site - is the food better at Comerica or Sox Park (aka US Cellular)? Tiger

  2. Thanks for this link -- well done. Air travel is getting to be such a painful (and potentially embarrassing!) experience. Nice to think there will be alternatives.

    Who won the game? Who's Anna? Does he see her again? More on John, please.